Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Anti Boot Software for Yahoo Messenger

Official Yahoo Messenger is weak to prevent bots or spammer. To avoid bots you can use Anti Boots software to help you increase the security of your yahoo messenger. The booter or lamer usually targeted your id when you are login to the chat room of yahoo messenger. PM B0mb is the most annoying bots sent by a booter or lamer. In this article I want to share some of anti boot software that will protect you from booter or lamer. I not guarantee, you will undisconnected but, I guarantee when you use this anti Boot software you will not see a kind of PM or another boot like, Invite bots, Game bots, etc,Anti boot software work to paralyze or shut down your Private Message and other activities such add buddies, webcam, and voice talk. This makes your user name protected from booter who want you disconnect via PM b0mb and other. You can activate or deactivate anti boot as anytime you want. When you seem or feel you got in danger, you can activate this anti boot software and you become free of bots.Anti boot software in this article is affiliated to the yahoo messenger. Its mean that this anti boot software is design for official yahoo messenger chat client. You cannot use this anti boot software to other chat client except official yahoo messenger. I suggest you to used this anti boot software only when you are got in danger, especially when you go to the dangerous chat room or when you face or met you enemy in chat roomKaoticProtocol Anit BootThis is an Anti boot with one click menu to activate or deactivate. KaoticProtocol Anti Boot is one of anti boot that used to yahoo messenger chat client. When you used this free ware software you just get an anti boot in two modes: Anti Invites and Anti PM .

Spark Anti Boot
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Y! Filter Anti Boot
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Anti Booter V3
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