Monday, October 12, 2009

Sony PSPgo to hit worldwide this fall, finally!

Here’s a refreshing news from Sony that finally breaks the chain of rumors. SCEI has officially announced the worldwide launch of the much-awaited handheld entertainment system, dubbed the PSP go a.k.a. PSP-N1000.
Touted to be a new evolution of the PSP, it is designed to match the digital lifestyle of consumers who anticipate a device to download content while on the run. It is claimed to be smaller and lighter than ever before, making it a pocket-sized device that can be carried easily.
With an ultra-portable design and digital content, the PSPgo comes dressed in piano black and pearl white color shades. It eliminates the UMD drive and incorporates 16GB of flash memory. This replaces the disc-based support with broadband network infrastructure. Gamers can easily store a host of digital entertainment content downloaded via PlayStation Network.
The PSP-N1000 sports easy sliding display panel and original applications. On opening the panel, the handheld enables users to enjoy a wide range of entertainment content via the button control that are familiar to the PSP-3000. Once closed, the portable gaming console provides access to original applications such as a clock and calendar (displayed on the screen). Moreover, video and music files can also be accessed when the panel is closed.
It comes with a built-in wireless LAN to access PlayStation Store directly from the handheld. Users can even download an array of content through a PC with the help of Media Go – a new software application – bundled with the device on a CD-ROM.
The company also takes the wraps off a new music application specific to PSP that uses the “SensMe channels”; music recommendation feature. It sorts out music content into channels such as “Relax,” “Dance” and “Upbeat,” and suggests music playlists for users’ expediency.
Additionally, there is a game sleep function, allowing players to manage XMB (XrossMediaBar) while pausing gameplay for a temporary period. The PSPgo carries Bluetooth function for easy connection with Bluetooth standard peripherals like head-phones, headsets and PS3 wireless controllers that include DUALSHOCK3 and SIXAXIS.
Sony PSPgo will come with video-out port cables and a new Cradle (PSP-N340), enabling gamers to charge the gaming system and even watch videos or/and listen to music. Expected to hit the stores across North America, Europe/ PAL territories and Asian countries and regions on October 1, 2009, the PSPgo handheld entertainment system carries a retail price of US$249/€249. The Japanese consumer will get to purchase the portable console on November 1, 2009 for 26,800 yen (approx. Rs. 12,980).


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