Monday, October 12, 2009

Microsoft 3D motion-sensing camera for Xbox 360 to debut at E3

Slashgear reports, words from WSJ whisper that Microsoft is in the process of developing a new video camera for the renowned Xbox 360 console, enabling users to control games with the movement of their bodies.
Well, this feature is not new in the gaming industry. But, it is appreciable that Microsoft has put forth some effort to attract the casual players, similar to Nintendo’s attempt.
The rumor also states that the Microsoft’s apparently upcoming 3D motion sensing camera would be unveiled at the E3, 2009.
Unlike Nintendo Wii, the video camera will probably rest near the television and capture the actions and movements of the gamers, such as moving of their hands, legs or head. It would work on a 3D camera technology for more accurate control over existing games, eliminating the need of holding any hardware to control the on-screen action.
According to grapevine, the 3D technology used in the motion-sensor camera is developed by Microsoft’s purchased 3DV Systems – an Israeli-based start-up company.
Features and other additional details of the rumored camera are still not known.
Although Microsoft declined to remark on this issue, it is believed that the company might sell the camera as a separate peripheral initially. Later on, the camera might get paired with the Xbox 360 console. It is also said that it is unlikely to take place until 2010.


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