Monday, October 12, 2009

Sony Vaio CW series notebooks in vibrant colors

Sony Vaio is now offering users a perfect blend of looks, power and functionality. Called the Sony Vaio CW series, these notebooks will be made available in a host of bright and vibrant colors. The notebooks claim to reflect individual style.
The slim and high gloss case of the CW series packs in 14-inch widescreen X-black LCD screen with LED backlight. The multi-finger touchpad recognizes intuitive flick, scroll and pinch gestures, making it easy to navigate through the stored data. The perfectly designed keyboard is said to provide comfort while typing. The 16:9 aspect ratio of this screen promises to provide a detailed view of high definition movies.
Featuring Nvidia’s GeForce graphics card, the notebook claims to handle HD video editing, 3D games and other demanding applications with ease. The Sony Vaio CW comes with dedicated buttons that provide one touch access to various useful functions like switching off the LCD displays and launching the Media Gallery. The other notable features of the CW series include DDR3 memory, HDMI output port and support for Windows 7 operating system.
The Sony Vaio CW series will be made available in five vibrant colors namely blue, red, pink, white and gloss black. The notebook will be available for purchase from October 22. The pricing details of this series are still a mystery


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