Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Google Earth 5.0 Ocean Edition

The amazing Google Earth software has just got even better, Google has released a new version of Google Earth having capabilities of going underwater, it will let you dive beneath the surface and witness underwater terrains that would otherwise would not be possible for a average human. It even sports a historical imagery feature by which you go back in time to see changes taking place on the Earth over time because of human influences, It also has a touring feature by which you can record your actions and places you visit to play them later.
The new version is called Google Earth for Oceans and ocean feature is turned on by default, zooming in on Ocean surface will let you dive beneath the surface where you can navigate 3D underwater sea floor terrain. It has 20 layers of content information contributed by ocean explorers, scientists and researchers having photos, videos and information that i am sure will surprise you.


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