Saturday, June 16, 2012

Best Free and Beautiful Live Wallpapers For Android

Live wallpapers is a beautiful concept in smart-phones these days. Ranging from different genres, moods and styles, the Live wallpapers form an integral part in the smart-phones. Likewise, for the Android platform, there are a huge number of diverse and different live wallpapers which will definitely add to the aesthetics of the Android handset. So, here I shall provide you with the collection of some selected live wallpapers which seem to stand out from the crowd. Read on for more.
Top Free And Most Beautiful Live Wallpapers For Android

The list of the best and free live wallpapers have been enumerated below.

  1. Floating Image:

    Floating Image
    This app supports personalizing the view of images from Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, Phone’s Gallery and so on, by matching keywords to photos and then displaying only the relevant ones on your screen.
    Download Link: Floating Image
  2. Photile Live Wallpaper:

    Photile Live Wallpaper
    Very unique and innovative, this app will take the wallpaper which you have set, and then add the tiles on it, thus providing animation to it, as well as a lot of customizable features for effects.
    Download Link: Photile Live Wallpaper
  3. PacDroid Live Wallpaper:

    PacDroid Live Wallpaper
    This is a gaming live wallpaper which is based on the game of Pac Man eating ghosts and tablets. There is even provision for customizing the ghost images.
    Download Link: PacDroid Live Wallpaper
  4. Bubble Live Wallpaper:

    Bubble Live Wallpaper
    This is an interesting wallpaper which features bubbles rising from the bottom of your screen to the top.
    Download Link: Bubble Live Wallpaper
  5. My Beach Free:

    My Beach Free
    This app is like owning a private beach for yourself to enjoy the sea and the sun. Both appealing and innovative.
    Download Link: My Beach Free
  6. Celtic Garden Free:

    Celtic Garden Free
    This app is about a mystical garden which poses lots of green lush and showcases tradition and an ancient fountain.
    Download Link: Celtic Garden Free


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