Saturday, June 16, 2012

Men In Black 3 – Download free game for Android and iOS

Gameloft, one of the leading game developers, has launched the official game of Men In Black 3 for Android and iOS platform. All those who are fans of the Men In Black movie would definitely love this game. Plus, the downloading of game is absolutely free. That means, gamers can enjoy Men In Black on their Android smartphones & tablets, iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone without spending a single penny. You can also take advantage of paid option within the app to get some advanced features. Such advanced features can help a gamer to finish the mission easily and faster. The game is compatible with Android devices that run on operating system 2.2 or above and iOS devices that run on iOS version 4.0 or above.

http://blog.gameloft.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Men_in_Black_3_FINAL_PACK.pngThe Men In Black game is a role playing game where the gamer plays the role of man in black to accomplish numerous tasks to save our Earth from dozens of aliens that are trying to conquer the human kind. In this adventurous game, you can form your own Men In Black agents, guide them and assign them different missions. To fight against enemies, you can use numerous high tech weapons like the Deatomizer, the Neuralyzer and Noisy Cricket and these weapons help in creating a real life effect.

The theme of the game is also inspired from the movie. You can travel through different time periods of 1969 – 2012 in different popular areas of New York like Times Square, Central Park and Brooklyn. It’s really fun to play at different locations and timeframes. Plus, you have to build different rooms to develop your agency and to advance your weapons. The early missions require only few minutes to complete, but gradually the missions get difficult and you may stick to the game for hours.

The Men In Black 3 (MIB 3) game can be also considered as social game as the gamers can invite their buddies and friends to join them in game through Gameloft live and Facebook. Moreover, the players can take help from friends to win over the ugly aliens. Players can also visit the headquarters of friends. The helping friends will get rewards each time they help. The only drawback of the game is the lack of 3D environment or special effects. However, the game has amazing graphics to make it interesting. So, what are you waiting for? Download the game right now and do a role of a man in black.

To download the MIB 3 game on Android devices, click here.
To download the MIB 3 game on iOS devices, click here.

Men in Black 3 Launch Trailer video from youtube:


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