Monday, June 18, 2012

How to receive Android notifications on PC with DeskNotifier?

Did you think that you would be able to receive your Notifications directly on your PC for your with the help of an Android app? The answer is here. Called the DeskNotifier, the app will enable you to receive all the notifications of your Android phone directly on your PC and also let you answer your SMS messages at the go. Read on for a detailed review.
How to receive Android notifications on PC with DeskNotifier?

The DeskNotifier app works with the help of a server application to be installed at the desktop side. The steps on how to use the DeskNotifier app are enumerated below.

  1.     Make sure that the ADB drivers of the Android device are installed on your PC.
  2.     After installation of the desktop server app, enter the correct IP settings once you are prompted.
  3. Select the preferred connection mode (either USB or Wi-Fi).
  4.     Select the preferred connection mode (either USB or Wi-Fi).
  5.     Select the desired language (either English or German).
  6.     When the desktop client is running, and the device and PC are sharing the same Wi-Fi connection or the USB connection, a remote connection will get automatically established.
  7.     Now, with the help of your desktop client, you can see all your notifications on your PC.
  8.     When the mobile app is launched, you can enable the DeskNotifier option using Accessibility settings.
  9.     You can also provide the option to auto-start the app on boot.
desknotifier app screenshot 

Some of the apps for which notifications are shown include WhatsApp messenger, Viber, SMS, Calls, Astrid Tasks, Facebook and so on. Some of the specifications of the app are shown below.
  • Requires: Android 1.6 and up.
  • Size: 40 KB
  • Price: Free
So, all you Android aficionados out there, go ahead and try out this useful productive tool now. To go to the developers’ website, click here. To download the app now, click on the download link shown below.
Download Link: DeskNotifier
Download Link: PC App for DeskNotifier


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