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Samsung Galaxy S III: Tips and Tricks you love to use

 After so many rumors and speculation, finally the time comes when Samsung Galaxy fans can get their hands on the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S III. This time Samsung has really made a big deal with, as this blasting Galaxy device has been setting the sales charts on fire with nearly 10 million pre-orders, despite of having such an exorbitant price tag. Off course, the device has been equipped with unique and striking features that easily make anyone to get attracted with this high-end device but most importantly Galaxy S III also comes with some cool, smarty and tricky operating ways. This thing makes the phone much more interesting in terms of usage. Probably, all users are not aware of those hidden and tricky ways, for them, list of tips and tricks that Samsung has included in the Galaxy S III are given below. If you are one of those millions who have owned this device, then why not make your experience more interesting and cool with this Galaxy phone.

Samsung Galaxy S III: Tips and Tricks you love to use

 1) Sort the App Drawer Alphabetically
It is true that the TouchWIZ launcher is not the unique one; it was firstly launched for Samsung Galaxy S II but sadly it did not sort the installed apps in alphabetical order. Now, Samsung developers offer the new TouchWIZ launcher for the latest Samsung Galaxy S III that allow users to sort the installed apps easily in alphabetical order. Directions for how to use are given below:

Samsung Galaxy S3 – Tips & Tricks – App Draw Tricks video from youtube:

2) Calling and messaging just with Swipe
Another trick that you can use for fast calling and messaging; in the Contacts app, just swipe left to right across a contacts or the Messaging app – this make you call that person directly. Vice versa, when you are swiping right to left, you can send a text message directly to that person.

Samsung Galaxy S3 – Contacts Trick video from youtube:

3) Alternative way to auto-brightness
You can manually control the brightness on your Galaxy S III. Just slide your finger across the notification bar, which is located at the top of the home screen. Earlier, the same feature was introduced in the Galaxy S and since then it has been ported to all other popular custom ROMs along with CM7 and CM9. By adapting this tricky way, brightness can be controlled directly even when the auto-brightness has been turned off.

Samsung Galaxy S3 – Brightness Trick? video from youtube:

4) To enable Swype Keyboard
Galaxy S, Galaxy S II, and now also the Galaxy S III is equipped with pre-installed Swype keyboard. Off course, this keyboard has been somewhat merged with the stock Samsung’s keyboard due to some strange reason, but its functionality has been limited to certain places only.

For turning on Swype Keyboard,

    Press Menu
    Press Settings
    Select Language and Input
    Press the settings icon (the cog) next to “Samsung Keyboard”
    Tick “Continuous Input”

Make sure that this lets you Swype in definite applications and text boxes.

5) Tricky photo shooting

With Galaxy S III, Samsung offers you two different ways for taking screenshots. In the first way; just swipe your palm horizontally across the whole screen, from left to right or right to left and this hand motion make your phone to take a screenshot automatically. But remember that such types of capturing only work in certain places like the home screen. It does not work while watching a video or playing a game. In the second way, you can take a screenshot much conveniently by pressing the Home and Power button simultaneously for 2-3 seconds.

Samsung Galaxy S3 – Tips & Tricks – Screenshot video from youtube:

6) Smarty short cuts
Most of us love shortcuts and it may be great if they are available for the feature accessing of your phone. This time, Galaxy S III delights its users by allowing 4 short cuts for quick access to certain apps through the stock lock screen. To activate this option follow the given steps,

Adjust the Lock Screen Settings – including shortcut icons

    Press Menu
    Press Settings
    Press Security
    Press Lock Screen Options

To Change shortcuts: Press Shortcuts

You can also use s-voice to unlock phone, for this just tick “Wake up in Samsung Unlock.”

Lock Screen Motion Control S Voice and more video from youtube:

7) Notification LED
Light Flow with a notification LED is the unique feature of the Galaxy S III among all those Galaxy series phones. This RGB notification LED has been smartly hidden at the top left of the handset. As and when your phone has any missed notifications, the LED will blink blue and it will blink red for low battery.

Users can also modify the LED color according to the notification by using an application called Light Flow. Unfortunately, Light Flow application does not work properly with the Galaxy S3 at now. To revoke the Accessibility access from the app is considered to be the temporary issue that floating around the Internet.

8) Motion setting

The Motion settings works great for such a high-end featured phone as Galaxy S III is equipped with a bunch of sensors. Pleasingly, Galaxy S III users can enjoy some nifty features like Direct Call, Smart Alert, Tap to Top, Tilt to Zoom and many more. But, most of these options are disabled by default but don’t worry, you can enable them easily from Settings > Motion.

Samsung Galaxy S3 – Motion Controls video from youtube:

All these are just few examples to use Galaxy S III in tricky way, if you have your own Galaxy S III phone, then you may also get some new tips and tricks while operating such an amazing Galaxy phone. Keep on interesting but tricky trial on and on….


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