Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Now Offline Google Maps available in Android Device : Watch Demo Video

Google release offline Google maps for Android Devices. You can now save and use certain maps on Google Maps for Android when you’re not connected to the internet. You can even find and orient yourself by enabling GPS and using My Location and the compass.
Now, you can download the latest version of the app in Google Play, then select and save a region of a map from more than 150 countries (including India) for use offline. Whether travelling internationally, carrying a WiFi-only device, heading underground on the subway or restricting your mobile data usage, you can now save up to six large metro areas (e.g., Greater London, or New York City and surrounding area) and use Google Maps for Android to find your way.
Wish you had a map when your device was offline? With offline maps, you can save and use certain maps when you’re not connected to the Internet. If you have GPS on the device, the blue dot will still work without a data connection so you know where you are. Whether you’re traveling the world or underground, offline maps can help you navigate the offline world.
Watch some youtube Video of Offline Google Map :


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