Friday, August 17, 2012

X Box Dream Console Of the Future Concept

Joseph Dumary from Carrieres-Sous-Poissy in France has launched a project called ‘Xbox Dream for 2012?. This concept Xbox has been designed for the year 2012, and aims to make the console a wireless and clutterless gaming device. It comes with DP connect that allows you to connect your TV or computer screens to the console system without any cable. This means, you could bid goodbye to VGA, AV or even HDMI slots.
Because the Xbox Prestige is a concept, Dumary has creative freedom to go as crazy as he wants with the hardware. In a box smaller than the Xbox 360 S, the Prestige is a design that kills the optical disc and goes all digital. Games, videos and multimedia would be stored either in the Xbox cloud or on its 2TB hard drive. If the Xbox Prestige was real, it would have an eight-core processor, 3D, 4K2K resolution support, GPS and multiTV (DPConnect) support. We’re going to presume it would have the best and fastest graphics card on the planet, too.


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