Sunday, August 12, 2012

This Week’s Top 5 Smartphone Apps

With the increased use of Smartphones, the demand of its Apps are also increasing rapidly, which leading to the launch of new new apps on daily basis. Reports have clearly stated that users of smartphones use more apps and internet surfing than making calls or other telephonic actions. Here are some Apps that released last week and are in the Top 5 list of Must have Apps on any Smartphone with Android or Apple iOS.


1. HBO Go
This is an Android App for all Android user launched by HBO. This comes with a good news to all HBO lovers that they will now be able to catch all those shows that they were missing out. This App is built for all Android users upto the latest Ice Cream Sandwich version.

2. VLC player
We all love to play videos on VLC media player which is compatible to all types of videos on our computers. Now you can also play your favourite videos on VLC for Android Beta player through your Android Device also. It can be downloaded for free on Google Play. The current version runs only on devices with ARMv7 CPUs with NEON support. The Final version release is awaited with all hearts.

3. S Health App by Samsung
Samsung after launching its latest smartphone Galaxy S III with a punch-line of “Desgined For Humans”, Here it has built an App for Humans. The S Health App as its name suggests its an health and fitness app that keeps a regular check on its users health. It keeps a check on the users weight, blood pressure level, blood sugar level, etc. This app is for its latest Galaxy S III.

4. Weathersnitch 2
The Weathersnitch 2 keeps you updated with the weather condition of anywhere on Earth via your Apple iPhone. This iPhone app will help you in being well prepared for travelling to anywhere around the world and keeping weather conditions in mind. This app forecasts max. as well as min. temperature, rain or snow forecasts with percentages and levels of precipitation for wind speed and direction, relative humidity, about flying clouds and many more. Its compatible with iPhone OS 4.2 nd later versions. Can be downloaded from App store at just $2.83.

5. ROM Manager
The ROM Manager actually is a recovery software. It features you to keep all your datas safe by making back-up, reboot in recovery, manual management situation & partitioning the SD card. The Rom Manager Premium version is priced at $5.99. It also has a free version available. It requires Android 1.6 & later version. 


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