Tuesday, September 11, 2012

BlueStacks App Player

BlueStacks runs Android OS and apps on Windows PCs with instant switch between Android and Windows - no reboot is required. End consumers can now enjoy their favorite Android apps on Windows PCs. Android apps can appear either as icons on the Windows desktop, or within a full-blown Android environment.

BlueStacks helps PC manufacturers to ride the Android momentum by enabling Android apps on x86-based tablets, netbooks, notebooks, convertibles and AiO Windows PCs.

With the new hybrid convertible form factors, BlueStacks completely eliminates the need to carry two devices. In the end, the consumer will be getting the advantages of both Android and Windows on the same computer.

Here are some key features of "BlueStacks":

· Play Android apps fast and full-screen
· Push your favorite apps from your Android phone to your PC using BlueStacks Cloud Connect
· Run 10 pre-loaded apps "out of the box"
· Install up to 26 more of your favorite apps
· May not work fast on older netbooks and tablets

What's New 
Better App Compatibility:
· Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja - even apps with hardcore graphics like Air Attack HD work now

Windowed and Fullscreen Modes:
· We added windowed mode to give you the option - due to popular demand!

Sync Apps Smoothly From Your Android Phone to PC:
· Our Cloud Connect App (Available for your phone in Google Play) is much simpler to use now.

New Interface:
· A more dynamic interface lets you explore and download apps quickly and easily

Direct AppStore Access:
· We've integrated with GetJar, 1Mobile and Amazon to let you download apps right from your PC

Popular Download Section:
· We suggest the latest popular apps for you to download with one click

· We've translated BlueStacks to be easier to use worldwide

New Settings:
· Change the size of the app, uninstall apps easily and more


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