Monday, September 10, 2012

10 Free iPhone Themes for Download

Here are the best of all Free iphone themes, that I have tried and I loved them. They are useful, look great and have perfect concept behind them.
There are plenty of free iPhone themes on internet, but the themes that work the best and can be trusted for download and to be deployed on your iphone are hard to find.
These are sorted, specially tested, tried and selected free themes that are suitable for iphone and iphone 3G both. I hope you would like these themes.

1.Time Capsule iPhone theme – Free download here
Time for some grim and sullen feel with this Time Machine iPhone theme which somehow also reminds me of my Apple Time Capsule. If you have been anticipating the need for larger and round graphics in iphone user interface. This need is fulfilled by this iphone theme. Infact it delivers everything the apple addict in you desires for, this perfectly displays that in high density
2.Deep Blue iPhone theme – Free download here
If I were a oceanographer then it would have been the theme on my iPhone for its sheer blue ocean like flavor. This is Modern & dark system replacement icon and background set for your default iphone theme. This theme is definitely sophisticated, doesn’t miss on color just plays a blue niche to it. Lovely icons with a shadow.
3.Leopard iPhone theme – Free download here
This one is for all those aficionados of Steve Jobs and Apple who can’t bear anything but an Apple. If you’ve worked with or upgraded to Leopard, Apple’s newest version of Mac OS X. You will know that your iphone waits eagerly for the same feel. But there’s something missing. What could it be? the stack!! Guys… this is just a theme on OS so enjoy its feel.
4.Orbit Glass Blue iPhone theme – Free download here
How does it look when you dreams get surrounded in water balloons? I don’t know but they can’t look anything different from the icons in this theme. Cool and unique World of Aqua orbit icons make this theme unique and special. Outstanding glow at the icon edges make it even more glossier. I even found a pink version of this one, for the flossy you, let me know via comments if you want that I will add that one here too.
5.Cool iPhone theme – Free download here
A cool, Nerdy system replacement icon set with an amazing background, giving it a well defined look and style. The nerdy guy at the bottom of this one made me laugh and this theme will be enjoyed by all the nerds of the world. My nerd sense says that.
6.Glossy Blue iPhone theme – Free download here
This iphone theme simply treats us to a shiny new collection of photo-illustrative blue, transparent, glossy orbits. A brilliant concept, simply created to satisfy a whim, but they leave an eclectic impact on everyone. You gotta have this glossy edition, if you want to shine.
7.Big Comic iPhone theme – Free download here
This one has BIG comical icons which make the theme appear best and striking. It leaves and impact when installed on your iphone. What I liked most about it is that it really doesn’t have too carry much gloss to look good. I some how even felt web 2.0ish feel on this one. 
8.Black & White iPhone theme – Free download here
This one’s custom made for a) colorblind, b) statesmen, and c) gangsters. ha ha, just joking, this one is another favorite of mine as this looks really well defined and sophisticated. 
9.Amora iPhone theme – Free download here
A cool iphone theme made out of Amora icons. Gives a futuristic feel, everything is well defined the system and app icons, includes robots and mechanical devices in a black and white color scheme. it could have a better background but looks great anyways!
10.Lovely Blue iPhone theme – Free download here
This theme has to be on the iPhone of any Photoshop expert. It’s an absolute riot of icons here. Lovely pattern background, unique icons and perfect spacing, I also tried a different background on this one and it just looked as good as the default one. I am in love with the meaningful icons used on this one. It is simply, truly Lovely!


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