Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mikogo Desktop Sharing - The Best Application for Online Meetings and Remote Support

Have you ever found yourself needing to conduct anonline meeting but didn’t know what your best option was? Do you often times find yourself doing IT support for your parents from miles and miles away, only to get frustrated with their ineptitude? Mikogo is a desktop sharing and online presentation tool that is helping to facilitate the everyday business and technology needs of companies and individuals worldwide. 


               Mikogo has a convenient and user friendly approach to desktop sharing. For starters, users can sign up for a free account that will allow them to use all of the pro features. Within that, users can edit their profile settings, schedule sessions and use advanced tools (whiteboard, record, etc.). And on the other hand, if you don’t need the advanced features you can just download the software for free to start and join desktop sharing sessions – no registrationsrequired for that.

Desktop Sharing
               Users can share their desktops with up to 15 people (25 on a pro+ account). This can come in handy for online webinars, tutorial sessions, online teaching, IT tech support, and more. Desktop sharing features can be edited at will and include options to view, show, and view & control the desktop’s of you and your participants.
               Remote control features will also allow users to control the screen of the participants for IT or assistance purposes. 

               From there you can use presentation tools like the participant pointer and pen to highlight your content and material. You can transfer files, record your desktop sharing sessions for future playback, and switch presenter and viewer modes between participants.

Mikogo Apps: iOS and Android
               Mikogo works on all 3 platforms (Windows, Mac & Linux) but what’s really nice to see is they have mobile apps:iOS and Android. Here is a statement from Mikogo released shortly after: “The core benefit of online meetings is that they allow people to participate in business meetings when unable to attend in person. In recent years there has beena growing and strong tendency towards technology ‘going mobile’ hence people want to be able to attendtheir online meetings while on the go.” (Mark Zondler, Mikogo). The app is free and can be accessed from your iphone, ipad, or Android phone/tablet.


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