Thursday, September 27, 2012

Related Post Widget for Blogger using nRelate

A Related Post widget for Blogger using nRelate . The best thing about nrelate widget over other similar type of recommendation widgets is the sheer number of customization options available at a buttons click. The options range from changing the appearance to including experts from posts. It also includes a feature to include posts from its 35000+ network of sites related to your content. The feature that takes the limelight is the ability to earn money !

Yes you have read it write , it allows you to earn money by recommending advertisers content in your widget and you can receive the payment via PayPal . Here is a list of all the features of the nRelate Related Post widget


  • Display Recommendations in form of Text or with Thumbnails 
  • Placeholder images for imageless posts
  • Six different Layout styles to choose from like Polaroid , ToonBarn , Trendland
  • Number of Posts to display
  • Select the Relevancy of posts shown to the current post !
  • Show experts from the post itself
  • To display/Not display nRelate logo 
  • Display stuff from your other blogs 
    How to Integrate into Blogger 
    Video Tutorial

    1. Go to https://partners.nrelate.com/ and Create an account if you have not created one yet


    2. After signing in , In the Dashboard go to Install > Blogger

    nrelate install selection

    3. Enter your Blog address and click the Submit button

    4. Now you will be asked where to show the widget , I suggest selecting the Post Only option.

    post only homepage all sections

    5. Now you will be asked to add the code into your Blog , just click the Add to Blogger button

    add to blogger page

    6. After selecting the correct blog , click the Add Widget button

    Add Widget

    7. Check your blog to see the widget. Normally it takes around 2 hours for it showup. In case it doesn't show feel free to nrelate viaTwitter , they are super responsive.

    Some Other Settings

    To Remove the nRelate Logo

    In the nRelate Dashboard , Go to Manage Settings > Blogger , under the Layout Settings uncheck the box asking to display the nrelate logo and you are good to go.

    layout settings

    To change the Display layout

    In the Main Settings , select from the drop-down list of Styles. ( Polaroid and Toonbarn are my favorites )

    nrelate styles


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