Saturday, September 15, 2012

TU | Me Messenger App


TU Me is a free all-in-one global communication app currently available for smartphones. It allows you to text, talk and share photos, audio messages and your location with your friends and family all for free.
TU Me messenger App Features
  • FREE CALLS AND TEXTS ANYWHERE: Call or text any TU Me user for free, saving you money! 
  •  NO INTERNATIONAL CHARGES: Contact your friends and family no matter what country they’re in – it’s all FREE! 
  • SECURE AND PRIVATE: All messages are encrypted and images delivered securely keeping your information private and safe.
  • HD QUALITY SOUND: All calls and audio messages are high quality ensuring the best experience.
  • NEVER LOSE YOUR DATA: Communications are securely stored in the cloud meaning you never lose your data even if you lose your phone or re-install the app!
  • SHARE CONTENT: TU Me allows you to share photos, audio messages and your location, all only one tap away.
  • SEARCH: Search through all of your communications easily.
  • NO NEED TO ADD FRIENDS: Your address book is automatically checked to see which of your family or friends are already on TU Me. 
  • TIMELINE CONVERSATIONS: See all of your communications in a beautiful timeline meaning you never lose track of what’s going on.



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