Sunday, October 14, 2012

Angry Birds Seasons: Year of the Dragon Now Available for Download

Rovio has today unleashed a brand new update for the fantastic Angry Birds Seasons game, and it’s all in celebration of the Chinese New Year, which this year is the Year of the Dragon.
Fireworks popping, lanterns glowing, red envelopes bursting with money – it’s Chinese New Year! This holiday is China’s biggest and longest festival, a time for feasting with family and friends, setting off fireworks, and having fun. The Angry Birds are celebrating the start of the Year of the Dragon, but the piggies are trying to scare them away from their eggs! Luckily the Angry Birds have some help – the Mighty Eagle has transformed into the fearsome Mighty Dragon!
As a New Year’s present to fans, the Mighty Dragon is available for free! For this episode only, everyone can use the Mighty Dragon to destroy levels and earn special achievements.
They are coming up on the Chinese New Year and the folks at Rovio decided that was a great theme for their next Angry Birds Seasons update. Their “Year of the Dragon” update is now available about three days ahead of the Chinese New Year and it brings a new slew of levels. It looks like the birds were getting ready to celebrate – firecrackers, dragon costumes and all – but the pigs have come to ruin all that. You’ll be able to take control of the Mighty Dragon which is essentially this update’s Might Eagle and you won’t have to pay a dime to use it this episode! It’ll run you about 21MB to download but it’s free.
Below are the Download Links-
It’s named after the Dragon, the reason lies in the Chinese calendar where the year is 4709, Year of the Dragon. It is free like other Seasons updates, so it wouldn’t hurt spending some more time catapulting birds, would it?
Check out the trailer below to get a sense of what the update looks like.


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