Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Download Free Android Themes

1. Galaxy Note 2 Live Clock

Galaxy Note 2 Live Clock 

 The Shadow of ThemeBowl presents you Galaxy Note 2 Live Clock Widget.This is a white clock widget with analog dial and pointers

App Screenshots


2. Lumia Lock Go Locker Theme 

Lumia Lock Go Locker Theme 

 TheShadow of MobileThemesWorld proudly presents Lumia Lock Go Locker Theme with pure white background.This Lock used Lumia inspired icons created by me along with animated battery charge screen and colorful digital clock.each digits got an unique color of its own.enjoy this lock screen.
App Screenshots




3. Jelly Bean Theme for Go Locker

Jelly Bean Lock GoLocker Theme 

 Protect your Android Mobile with this beautiful Jelly Bean Theme for Go Locker created by TheShadow of MobileThemesWorld.This theme use attractive icons, animated charge screen and jelly Bean wallpaper.
 App Screenshots




 4.Galaxy S3 Inspired Lockscreen

Galaxy S3 Inspired Lockscreen 

 Galaxy S3 Inspired Lockscreen is a golocker theme by TheShadow of ThemeBowl.This is an inspired lockscreen with dandelion wallpaper and nice sliding feature and icons.
App Screenshots

 5.Windows 8 Tiles Inspired Lock screen

Windows 8 Tiles Inspired Lock 
 Windows 8 Tiles Inspired Lock screen is an inspired lock from windows 8 tiles wallpaper created by TheShadow of ThemeBowl.This Locker includes Tiles Wallpaper with multicolor and metro icons for phone,camera,home screen and message through which you can access all those above app along with animated battery charging indicators.This lock screen is free.Enjoy.

 Apps Screenshots



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