Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Top 5 keyboards for Android

These days we type a lot on our smartphones and tablets. But sometimes the stock keyboards aren’t enough; sometimes you need something tailored to your own personal need, that’s where our list of the top keyboards for Android come in. This is the beauty of the Android OS, if you don’t like the stock apps you can replace them easily. Samsung, Sony and LG have been trying a lot to make their keyboards better, but they are sometimes inadequate. Some tablets have really terrible keyboards which make you strain your hands while typing.
We hope this list will help you chose the keyboard which is best for you. There are different keyboards in this list, which will aim to cater to different type of writers (no pun intended). You want to swipe words or you want to use the traditional tying schemes, you will find a keyboard suitable for your own style. But a fair warning, most these keyboards are not free, so be ready to try the trial versions before committing to one. Although they won’t cost that much, still it is better to do some research before purchasing.

5. A.I.Type Keyboard

A.I.Type Keyboard is probably the best prediction based keyboard in this list. It has a very advanced prediction based system which predicts what you are typing and what you will be typing next. It can complete your words and can auto correct spelling mistakes, which is a blessing if you are in a hurry and don’t want to mess up your message. It also corrects typos based on your way of writing. That’s not all, the keyboard also evolves into something more the more you type. The app keeps track of your common words and tailors its predictions according to your writing style. The keyboard also gives you the freedom of missing keys in a word, and it will even correct the word for you. The best part is that there is a 14 day trial period for you to test out all the features of the Keyboard and even after that you get to keep most of the features for free.

4. Thumb Keyboard

Thumb Keyboard is one of the most customizable keyboards in the Google Play store, that’s what the tag line on the app page says and we agree. The Thumb Keyboard takes customization to the next level. It is the best keyboard for tablet users because of its unique Split layout which makes typing with your thumbs a lot more comfortable than other keyboard on the play store. There are special keyboard layout for phones, 5 inch plus smartphones, 7 inch tablets and 9/10 inch tablets. There is also an option of one handed operation for big smartphones. Changing colors and themes of the keyboard is really easy and it makes the keyboard much customizable.

3. Swype Keyboard

Swype Keyboard is the Matrix of keyboards; it changed the way we typed forever. The keyboard was a real step forward to the future. You don’t really type with Swype keyboard but rather use the touch screen to flow your words. This is especially amazing because the keyboard didn’t want to emulate a real world keyboard, but wanted to go in a truly natural direction. You swipe your fingers on the keyboard stopping briefly at the alphabet you wanted to type and then on to the next. This way you form words and sentences without the need of even lifting your finger.

2. Keymonk Keyboard

Keymonk Keyboard went a step further than Swype. The Keyboard introduced dual swiping word formation. This may sound like a complicated task to accomplish but somehow Keymonk Keyboard makes it look easy. Once you get to know how it works, it is almost twice as fast as Swype and as much effective. If you are one of those who have to type a lot on their Android smartphones/tablets, this is the best keyboard for you.

1. SwiftKey Keyboard

What will you get if you combine A.I.Type’s prediction capabilities, Thumb Keyboard’s customizations with Swype’s functionalities? You will get the perfect keyboard. That keyboard is SwiftKey and it is the most fully loaded and amazing keyboard I have ever used, a must have for anyone and everyone. If you are in the market for the best keyboard, you can’t go wrong with Swiftkey. It is fast, reliable and beautiful. You can type or swipe your words, and you won’t have to change modes.
This concludes our Top 5 keyboards for Android list. Type us feedback on which keyboard you find the most effective and be sure to use the new keyboard. If you enjoyed this article don’t forget to like us Facebook.


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