Sunday, August 12, 2012

Skype On HDTV By Logitech TV Cam HD

Leading manufacturer of computer products and gaming items Logitech has recently launched a new webcam, so whats new about the webcam. Let me tell you that this is not just an ordinary webcam because the TV Cam HD is intended to sit on top of your big-screen television rather than your computer display. This has the ability to support Skype calls over WiFi or ethernet connection and the TV Cam HD promises up to 720p HD widescreen video and crystal-clear pictures due to presence of Carl Zeiss optics along with a four noise-canceling microphone array and digital pan/tilt/zoom control.

Connectivity as previously said has WiFi b/g/n and ethernet, apart from that it also has HDMI port. All cameras have microphones within it but this one has a microphone along with an integrated speaker, though that’s only used as a ringer if the TV is turned off and a call is coming in.
Some of the specialized features

  • Access to Skype apps
  •  Voicemail if you’re not around to answer the call
  •  Remote control, too, with directional keys and zoom buttons along with back and home.

You can  pre-order the Logitech TV Cam HD which is available priced at $199.99.


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