Monday, October 12, 2009

Gamevil Zenonia game for iPhone, iPod Touch

Gamevil has launched its classic epic role-playing game called Zenonia for the iPhone and iPod touch users.
In this game, a young warrior is on a voyage to solve the mystery behind his father’s death. He has to accomplish several quests throughout this epic storyline. The game comes with Anime style characters and graphics.
The choices made by players to follow evil or good paths will change their destiny and unveil the secret of Zenonia. Users can acquire new weapons and learn new skills from the different skill classes. Every skill class has different set of skills and weapons.
“We’re thrilled to launch ZENONIA on the Apple App Store”, said Kyu Lee, president of Gamevil USA. “The revolutionary iPhone and iPod touch have allowed us to develop a unique version of this game and we are certain fans will love the engaging gameplay and captivating fantasy world we’ve created.”
There are many characters and many innovative items for each character. Additionally, it comes with unique elements such as day/night cycle, hunger and weight system which reflect real life situations. It can be played for 40 long hours.
Zenonia game features automatic target facing and intuitive controls. One can enjoy dynamic movements by tapping twice on screen D-Pad.
Zenonia is available for $5.99 at Apple’s App Store.


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